IntoVision – product development & design company, Intovision is an engineering company specialized in Development and Product Design. The company offers services from the stage of industrial design to the stage of production line and serial manufacturing


RobotICan – an Innovative Robotics Solutions company, RoboTiCan develops cutting-edge robotics technology and systems, selling custom made system for the industry, education, and government.


Scientific Adviser - Amir Shapiro ,Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


We welcome any individual who wishes to join the development of the full Exoskeleton suit, and it’s different applications – Industrial, search & rescue, gaming, whatever field you want to take the development to.


Also, companies who want to partner with us for the development of accessories for the suits, are welcome to cooperate with us, both parties, individuals, and companies will work with us based on our platform designed to insure their revenues on products they developed.


We have a skilled base of scientist and engineers to guide and supervise the developments.